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Retaining Wall Installation Services in Bloomington IL

Maintaining your property can be an overwhelming and never-ending task. One of the easiest ways to prevent flooding on your land, keep soil erosion at bay, and give you peace of mind is by installing a retaining wall. These stone structures are not only beneficial to your home’s curb appeal, but they offer several functioning benefits to the health of your landscape. At Penn Landscaping, our certified team has decades of combined experience installing retaining walls on properties of all sizes. Our garden center offers dozens of stone options to complement your home and is installed by hand for a truly custom look. 

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Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are made to provide stability to a sloping or eroding property. Many homes that are settled on large hills have troubles with soil erosion and water runoffs that weaken the land surrounding your home. Fortunately, Penn Landscaping is here to help with our retaining wall installation services in Central Illinois. Our hand-placed stone blocks are designed to redirect water away from your property and protect your concrete foundation from flooding damage. There are several signs that homeowners can look out for to determine if a retaining wall is a right solution for their property. Here are just a few reasons you should invest in our custom retaining walls:

Retaining Wall Installation

At Penn Landscaping, we take on several hardscape projects a year. Many of our clients are residential and local to our Bloomington, IL shop; however, we are proud to offer commercial retaining wall installation to our wholesale clients as well. Our retaining wall structures are made of high-quality products and designed especially for your needs and property layout. Whether you’re looking to add retaining walls for instant curb appeal or you’re looking to prevent structural damage to your sloping land. At Penn Landscaping, our specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your landscape to determine how our retaining walls can benefit your home.

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Retaining Wall Design Services

Retaining walls are crafted with specific designs in mind that help maintain the stability of a sloping property. Often times these structures are installed in sunken patios and walkout basements to prevent water from pooling and damaging your foundation. At Penn Landscaping, you’ll work directly with our design team to create innovative solutions for your outdoor entertaining spaces. Using modular blocks, our team will lay each brick by hand to ensure the quality of your retaining wall and proper drainage solutions set in place.

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Seat Walls

What exactly is the difference between a retaining wall and a seat wall? Well, seat walls are brick structures that are often installed next to patios and fireplaces to provide additional seating for your outdoor entertainment space. Oftentimes, outdoor seating structures can double as retaining walls in that they help stabilize a sloping ground and manage water runoff. Penn Landscaping offers a range of custom seat wall services that are crafted to the exact dimensions and shape that will suit your outdoor space. These structures not only add significant value to your property, but they are easy to maintain and provide physical benefits to your land.

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