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Our Incentive Program & Fundraising Opportunities

Does your non-profit have a fundraiser coming up? Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery is here to help! We are proud to give back to our community in Bloomington, IL, and have been aiding local charities and private foundations in their efforts for over 43 years. Utilizing our engraving studio, we take any online orders for custom gifts including candles, pocketknives, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, home décor, and even leather journals, and donate a portion of those sales to your cause. Once you verify your non-profit organization and get a custom online code from our team, all sales through our website will aid in helping your fundraiser. 

We can’t wait to work with you – reach out to our team at Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery today at 309.663.5513 to learn more.

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Fundraisers are a wonderful opportunity to help raise funds for a much-needed cause or non-profit organization. At Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery, we’re proud to work with local 501C3 groups in Bloomington, IL through our custom engraving program.

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