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Residential Garden Center in Bloomington Illinois

At Penn Landscaping, we are proud to offer retail landscaping and lawn care products for our customers. Each visitor is eligible for our Loyalty Program, which provides reward points for every dollar spent in our garden center. Once enough points are acquired, you’ll be able to review money off and other discounts on future purchases and services! Whether you’re looking for flower additions to your garden or added features like lawn décor and planters, our 4-acre garden center offers everything you need for your upcoming project. 

Head to Penn Landscaping today to browse our retail selections and learn more about our landscaping services in the Bloomington-Normal, IL community.

Are You A Potential Wholesale Client?

Sunburst Nursery offers wholesale for our annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, mulch, and other landscaping products for landscape & lawn care businesses, general contractors, property management companies, schools, and municipalities.

Annuals & Perennials

There are two types of plants you can choose for your landscaping project – annuals or perennials. Each flower species is broken down into these two categories based on its life cycle and which seasons they best thrive in. Annual plants grow from seeds, turn into fully-bloomed flowers, and die all within a single year. Although you can save these seeds to replant later, many need to be pulled up and replaced at the start of the next spring season.

Perennials are able to last more than one growing season. Many of these plants go dormant in the winter and will return the following year with the right nutrients and watering. These plants tend to bloom at different times and thrive throughout spring, summer, and even winter environments depending on their species.

At Penn Landscaping, our 4-acre garden center offers hundreds of annuals and perennials to choose from for your residential project.

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Trees & Shrubs

Several benefits come from planting trees and shrubs on your residential property. Not only can they increase the value of your home by thousands, but they can also provide environmental improvements like water runoff prevention and improved air quality. Penn Landscaping supplies a range of tree and shrub species for homeowners to choose from at our garden center in Bloomington, IL. We supply a range of common Midwestern trees and shrubs that are great additions to your landscape; from common pine and dogwood selections to more unique options like cheery, maples, and spruce trees, we have an endless supply of quality plants for you to choose from.

Contact Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery today to learn more about our garden center’s different retail products.

Rock & Mulch

Browse our retail selection of rocks and mulch to complement your newly landscaped property. Our Sunburst Nursery in Bloomington, IL offers a range of rock combinations and fresh mulch for your home. These products are great for creating borders around your plants and protecting the soil from becoming too dry in the summer heat. Our garden center offers everything from crushed stone and multi-covered river rocks to organic mulch made from natural debris.

Visit our shop today to find the best products for your landscaping project, and don’t forget to ask us about our plant installation services.

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Fertilizer & Landscape Fabrics

Keep weeds and unwanted pests out of your newly planted landscape with fertilizer and landscape fabrics from Sunburst Nursery in Bloomington, IL. Our garden center is packed with a variety of landscaping fabrics and organic fertilizers to maintain the health and vibrancy of your plants. Many homeowners use toxic chemicals found in lawn care stores to prevent weeds; however, these products often end up doing more harm to the environment than needed. Our fertilizers and landscape fabrics provide a safe and healthy way to keep your landscape looking newly planted all season long.

Visit our shop today to gather high-quality materials for your landscaping project.

Statuary & Planters

Upgrade your landscape with statues and planters found at Sunburst Nursery in Bloomington, IL. Our 4-acre garden center houses unique status designs and high-quality planters for projects of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to add character to your garden or need a simple planter to transfer outdoor flowers indoors for the winter, we have a range of products for you to choose from.

Our team of landscaping experts have years of experience and can help you find the right size planter for your project.

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Our Garden Center

Our garden center features stunning selections of flowers, trees, planters, and endless landscaping products to complement your home. Browse through our gallery to get an inside look at our quality supply.

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