Lawn Maintenance
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Lawn Care & Mowing in Bloomington IL

The only way to achieve beautiful and healthy grass is by having a consistent lawn maintenance schedule. While some homeowners can afford to spend hours mowing, fertilizing, and watering their lawns, others are unable to dedicate the time and money needed to maintain their curb appeal. At Penn Landscaping, our team specializes in residential lawn maintenance for homes in Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas. All of our lawn care services include a free on-site estimate and custom plans dedicated to the needs of your property. 

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Lawn Care

Are your concrete surfaces plagued with pesky weeds? Has your store-bought fertilizer killed your perennial plants? When your lawn needs help promoting healthy growth, Penn Landscaping is the #1 family-owned business for all kinds of outdoor maintenance. Our lawn care services include fertilizing programs and custom weed control applications to eliminate overgrown lawns and poor soil structure. We work with homeowners to create scheduled treatments for their landscapes that are having a hard time absorbing nutrients from surrounding vegetation. It’s never too late to start taking care of your landscape.

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Mowing & Trimming Services

Becoming a homeowner means having to take care of your lawn. Even some of the simplest maintenance, like mowing and trimming your lawn, can cost thousands of dollars in equipment, grass seed, and watering technology. At Penn Landscaping, we are proud to offer affordable mowing and grass trimming services to homeowners in the Bloomington, IL area. Our team will provide an initial inspection of your lawn to see how much maintenance is needed and provide a free estimate so that you know exactly what you’re paying for before we get started. All of our mowing services include edging and cleaning any sidewalks or driveway that is covered in loose trimmings.

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Is your lawn looking dehydrated and patchy? This may be a sign that your soil is compacted. When this happens, air, water, and other nutrients are unable to circulate to your grassroots to promote healthy growth and color. Penn Landscaping offers an affordable and long-lasting solution to revive your lawn – aeration treatment. This service includes creating small holes into the ground using spiked garden tools to generate airflow and space for nutrients to thrive. During our aeration services, one of our landscaping experts will determine which areas need the most assistance and track the progress during the coming weeks. Lawn aeration can be extremely successful for poor-growing lawns and avoid the use of chemicals or seeding that can often be damaging. 

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Pruning is an essential part of maintaining your trees. While it may seem like cutting off branches is counterproductive to instilling new growth, it’s actually one of the only ways to ensure the longevity and safety of your tree. If your fully-grown tree has dead branches or leaves that show signs of pests, getting rid of them entirely is the only way to keep your tree from being removed. Penn Landscaping employs tree care experts that are familiar with proper pruning techniques and equipment that is sure to promote healthy growth. Our family-owned company in Bloomington, IL specializes in a range of tree care and trimming services.

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Spring & Fall Clean Up

Seasonal lawn care and landscaping are essential parts of keeping your property healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Overgrown weeds left over from the summer and dead bushes from last year’s winter can create the perfect breeding ground for pests and can prevent nutrients from spreading to other vegetation on your property. Penn Landscaping offers spring and fall clean-up services for homes and businesses in the Bloomington, IL area. From weed control and plant removal to edging your concrete walkways, we offer a range of services to get your property looking like new again.

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Tree & Shrub Care

While it may seem like your trees and shrubs are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, without the proper maintenance, their health can slowly begin to decline. Luckily, our experts at Penn Landscaping offer routine maintenance and treatment services for your trees and shrubs. If you notice wilting leaves in the summer or uneven growth in your bushes, these are signs that pests or diseases may be present. We recommend having your landscape inspected yearly to maintain the wellness of your trees and promote new growth.

All our shrub and tree maintenance services are contracted and scheduled to the client’s needs, so get in touch with us today to get a head start on your project.

Leaf Removal

It’s no secret that fall is the most beautiful time of the year, especially in the Midwest. With multi-colored leaves and the perfect weather for outdoor activities, this post-summer season is prime time for lawn care. Although leaves are stunning to look at, they can start to become a problem when they rot on your property. If left for too long, piles of leaves can create mold and fungi that are harmful to your pets or small children – that’s why Penn Landscaping offers professional leaf removal for homes in Bloomington, IL. Removing leaves with a standard rake or leaf blower can be a tedious task, taking up an entire day or weekend to get your yard cleaned up.

To ensure your lawn is protected this fall, rely on our experts at Penn Landscaping to remove your leaves in a single visit.

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