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Additional Services We Offer to Our Bloomington IL Community

When you need professional lawn care, seasonal services, and custom gifts for your next special occasion, Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery is your one-stop shop in Bloomington, IL. Our family-owned business is known for lawn and hardscape projects; however, we also offer contracting services for both residential and commercial clients. So whether you need scheduled snow removal in the winter months or small engine repair on your business’s equipment, our team is qualified to perform a range of services based on your needs.

 Reach out to our staff today at 309.663.5513 to learn more about our additional services and request a free estimate.

Why Choose Penn Landscaping for Your Project?

Bloomington, Illinois offers several reputable companies for lawn care, landscaping, and additional outdoor services. So, what makes our company different? In a recent survey conducted by our team in 2021, local residents conveyed to us that we are their #1 choice for several reasons. The first is our excellent customer service. Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery is proud to employ college-educated specialists that are just as hard-working and passionate about lawn care and garden services as our owners are. With a reliable team to manage your project, you can expect high-quality results from start to finish. Here are just a few reasons why we think you should choose us for your next project:

Gift Engraving

Located directly next to our Garden Center in Bloomington, IL, Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery proudly offers an engraving studio for local and corporate clients. Visit us at 204 W. Hamilton Rd. or browse through our online shop to find the perfect gift that is custom engraved for your special someone. Our studio offers a range of items from kitchen utensils, candles, and Woodstock chimes to leather journals and cutting boards that can be gifted for any occasion or holiday.

Learn more about our fundraising program and the types of customizations we offer.

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Snow Removal

At Penn Landscaping, snow removal is our specialty. We employ trained staff and provide high-end equipment to clear your driveway or parking lot quickly and safely before you’re snowed in. Living in the Midwest means dealing with heavy snowfall, ice, and unpredictable weather patterns that can be hazardous to maneuver. So when you choose our team in Bloomington, IL, you can expect fast-acting snow removal services for your residential or commercial property. To ensure we provide the highest quality services to our customers, we only provide snow removal for contracted customers. Fortunately, we accept new contracts from January – October of the current year and can customize our frequency based on your needs and weather changes.

Contact us today to learn more about our free estimates and snow removal opportunities.

Small Engine Repair

At Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery, we love helping small businesses in Bloomington, IL succeed. As a family-owned business for over 43 years, we’ve made it a point to give back to our community by utilizing the skills of our experienced team. In doing so, we offer small engine repairs for lawn care and landscaping tools such as mowers, electric trimmers, leaf blowers, and other small tools with engines. When your business’s tools become damaged or need minor repairs, these issues can damper future profits. Let us restore your equipment with small engine repairs from our trained technicians. We are proud to have a team of skilled and reliable industry experts that can identify issues and provide immediate repairs with our stock of general replacement parts.

Learn more about our small engine services by calling our team at 309.663.5513.

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