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Mulch, Rock & Hardgoods



Our premium black dirt is not pulverized.  It is loose and easily crumbled making it excellent to work with in your yard and garden.

We have options to also mix your topsoil with mushroom compost or other soil amendments upon your request, saving you time, money and your back.


Our bulk mulch is a shredded double processed hardwood bark that is easy to apply to all areas of your yard and garden.  The insect free mulch is a dark brown color.

Bagged mulches are also available in hardwood and other options.

Don’t forget a pre-emergent herbicide under your mulch.  We love products like Treflan or Preen to keep the weeds to a minimum.


Our bulk rock is 1½” multi colored River Rock.  Larger and smaller options may also be available in bulk upon request.

Bagged rock is also available in other options.


Varieties of natural stone from all over the country that can be used to create walls, pathways, steps and other outdoor natural applications can be found in our nursery.

Boulders and Cobblestone options in addition to flagstone


  • 1 cu/yd of mulch/rock with cover approximately 110 sq/ft 2” deep
  • 1 cu/yd of River Rock weighs approximately 1.25 tons
  • 1 cu/yd of Hardwood Mulch weighs just under 1 ton.
  • 1 cu/yd of Topsoil weighs about 1 ton
  • 1 ton = 2,000lbs

How to figure the amount of Mulch or Rock for your desired area:
Length of the area  x  Width of the area…….divided by 110   =   # of cubic yds you need

How to figure Topsoil for your desired area:
Length of area in ft   x  Width of area in ft  x  Depth of area in ft……divided by 27  = # of cu/yds you need

Delivery Services

Sunburst Nursery offers delivery to Bloomington, Normal and most surrounding communities. Pricing is based on the miles to the delivery site, distance from the driveway to the drop area and additional delivery person if needed.  Call us for general pricing to your specific delivery areas.



How do I calculate how much Mulch or Rock I need for a desired area?

  1. Multiply the area Length x Width
  2. Divide the total by 110
  3. This is the total number of cubic yards needed

How do I  calculate how much Topsoil I need for a desired area?

  1. Multiply the area Length x Width (in ft.)
  2. Multiply this total by Depth of area (in ft.)
  3. Divide by 27
  4. This is the total number of cubic yards needed