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Design Services

Penn Landscaping and Sunburst Nursery offers experienced and knowledgeable designers that are excellent at working with our customers to find exactly what you want for your yard, garden, or commercial property. For the initial consultation we encourage you to think about your budget for the project and the things you would like to see in your space.

Some of our landscape designs can be discussed and then sketched out on paper, while more often we will need a plan drawn out. To get a full understanding of the scope of the work and the area we will be planting, we think it is best to meet initially onsite.  If a design is required after meeting the first time we will provide you with an exact cost to draw one for you.  And just so you are aware, you can use the charged amount as a credit when you go ahead and have us do the work or you do the work yourself and just buy the plants or materials from us.  Either way you will have a one-of-a-kind guide that will help lead us through the process of installation.

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