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Outdoor Living

With the increasing popularity of exterior living areas that expand a home’s usable space, it makes sense that more and more homeowners are interested in installing features that can provide warmth and create a particular ambiance for their families or guests to enjoy.

As the trend towards spending more time living outdoors continues to grow, we will continue to offer an expanding selection of unique fire pits, fireplaces and outdoor kitchen options as they become available or are designed by our creative team.


Fire Places / Fire Pits

Fire features can add a very distinct beauty to your backyard and can provide a cozy place for you to entertain guests or spend time with your family.

In order to make sure your pit or fireplace is a comfortable, safe place for you to hang out with your friends, family members and pets, there are a few things you should consider before you hire us to install one for you or take on the DIY home improvement project of installing one yourself.

Those concerns include local laws for open burning on your property, debris that may exist in an area of your yard, wind conditions that may exist in your yard, and if there are low lying branches or patio elements that would cause additional obstruction concerns as you burn.

Gas, propane, electric, wood-burning or gel are just a few of the options you need to consider when selecting the type of fire feature that is right for you.

Which type is best for your particular situation will depend on the size of your yard or patio, whether or not you want to use it for cooking, whether or not you want it to function as a heat source and what your budget will allow.

Choosing between a fire place and fire pit can be difficult.  If you want a place where multiple guests can have a conversation with everyone facing each other, sitting around a fire pit is the ideal situation. While you can roast a hot dog or chat with friends in front of a patio fireplace, larger groups will find it more comfortable to circle around a pit than to huddle around the opening of a fireplace.

A fireplace, on the other hand, creates an ambiance that can be more romantic, intimate or elegant for outdoor entertaining. This is the option you want if your goal is to add a luxury feature to your patio or really impress your guests.

Meeting with a Penn Landscaping representative will give you the added knowledge you need to make the best choice for you and your needs.


Creative design and clever repurposing can transform a sliver of the outdoors into a comfortable—and affordable—area for open-air entertaining. Why run back and forth to the house when you can make all of your preparations right outside in the fresh air?

With our help, we can create a food-prep surface custom-built out of stone, good lighting to keep the party going after nightfall, shelter for the chef in the form of a pergola, and if you want to go all out, a sink and some appliances.

With previous experience on the outdoor kitchen arena we know the ideas are endless and we will find the perfect plan for you.